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Original Musicals

Miles has written ten musicals, all of which have been produced.

Take a read/listen below!


December 2023 ~
Showpeople Theatre Collective

Shudder is a horror-comedy musical adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairytale of "The Boy Who Went Forth to Learn Fear".

It tells the story of a man unable to experience "shuddering", so he spends three nights in a haunted castle to learn fear.

To the Fairest.jpeg

To the Fairest

December 2023 ~
New York Theatre Festival

To the Fairest tells the mythological origin story of the Trojan War: three goddesses fighting over the Golden Apple of Discord and the title of "the fairest". It's narrated by hero of the Trojan War, Achilles, and features a mixed-genre score influenced by pop, jazz, and EDM.

Lost Justice The Musical:

A Superhuman Whodunnit

March 2021 ~
Showpeople Theatre Collective

Lost Justice is a murder mystery in a world where conflict arises between people with super powers and people without. Accompanied by a pop/rock score, Detective Irene narrows down the list of quirky suspects to find a dark plot behind the murder...

Lost Justice.jpg
Far From the Tree.jpg

Far From the Tree

December 2020 ~
The Hartt School

The Turners are a family that has been completely normal for multiple generations. At least that's what Liz and her adopted brother Noah thought until they find a box full of secrets the family hasn't talked about for years.

Mysteries unravel across three generations to a contemporary musical theatre score.

Jack and the Beanstalk

August 2019 ~
North Country Center for the Arts

A musical retelling of the classic fairytale, complete with giants, the singing harp, and everyone's favorite cow/best friend! Sing along with Jack in this folksy musical.

Jack & The Beanstalk.png
The Frog Prince.png

The Frog Prince

August 2019 ~
North Country Center for the Arts

The Frog Prince is a lesser-known fairytale about an immature princess and an even less mature prince who has been turned into a frog. It is sung to a classic Broadway score.

Lost in Wonderland

July 2019 ~
North Country Center for the Arts

Fall down the rabbit hole in a wacky adaptation of the world of Wonderland. A huge cast of characters take Alice on a trip set to an 80s style synth-wave score.

Lost in Wonderland.png
Tom Sawyer.png

Tom Sawyer

July 2019 ~
North Country Center for the Arts

Mark Twain's novel is narrated by Tom, Huck and friends in a musical retelling. It features a folk-country score.

The Wind in the Willows

July 2019 ~
North Country Center for the Arts

The British tale of Mole, Toad, Badger, Rat, and more is told in a musical form! Toad learns the importance of friendship (and then unlearns it and relearns it!) to a big-band score.

The Wind in the Willows.png
The Little Mermaid.png

The Little Mermaid

July 2019 ~
North Country Center for the Arts

The classic tale of a mermaid who dreams of a different world is told in a new original musical! Land and sea meet and sing together in a contemporary Broadway score.

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